Sunday, October 21, 2018

Android And iOS Development

Why Android App Development? Just thinking of it is already scares and causes anxiety in most of us since it sound complicated, but let’s not worry too much about it and dizzying ourselves with unnecessary exaggerated  imagination of its complexity. Let’s start at the beginning and go through it step by step. But the thing is, why would you even learn Android app development? Well, when you learn Android development skills, you will gain access to not just smartphones but other mobile devices that run on Android OS such as...

What’s Android Been Up To This Past Years

Day by day the world is shifting more and more towards mobile tech, especially for communication and information sharing purpose. We can see that most of brilliant, the best mobile apps developer and innovative minds are slowly shifting their attention towards the mobile tech and it's software. The rise of mobile app is probably thanks to the rushing daily lives most of have; rushing here and there at every minute, so a constant update and fluid communication are vital. Well, in terms of work wise, if you know how to...
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